What makes our drinks so w*nderful?

It’s all about the CBD.

W*nder beverages are precisely dosed with just the right amount of CBD to work, but not cause sleepy or restless side effects. There’s a reason CBD has become so popular. Like THC, it’s used to relieve stress, balance emotions, and help you focus. But CBD isn’t THC and doesn’t come with the THC high. W*nder beverages contain NO THC.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant. It can be derived from marijuana or hemp.

The CBD in W*nder comes from hemp and contains NO THC.

NO! Unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not have any intoxicating or psychoactive side effects. W*nder contains ZERO THC.

Many people don’t like putting oil under their tongues and have a difficult time getting a consistent dose. Edibles take a long time to feel the effects (1-2 hours), and the amount of CBD absorbed is limited.

Beverages are safer to consume than vaping. The dosage is precise and people usually feel the benefits within 10-15 minutes.

NO! CBD is known to have a calming effect and can support focus and balance.

NO! There are many dodgy CBD products in the market right now that contain THC, which will make you fail a drug test. W*nder contains ZERO THC, and we recommend you only consume products that publish the potency of their products.

Scan the QR code on any can of W*nder and you can look up your batch tests to confirm.

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When it comes to CBD, the more you know, the better. So we’ve partnered with Green Scientific Labs to verify the quality and transparency of every product.

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